Hi, I'm Navin

Pen, ink and digital artist based out of mumbai, India. I love to capture nature’s  beauty & other intriguing subjects in the fine lines of a pen alone.
Do browse around to see my world of Pen & Ink Art.


Kumud dash (contemporary artist)

Art has no boundaries. It does not constrict itself to style or format. An artist’s calling is to create, carve and mould art that encompasses his world, and present it as his perception. Navin has an innovative and distinct style that is keenly reflected in all his work. When I first saw his art work, I found it to be unique and extraordinary. His black and white rendition, of a group of butterflies without stretched wings, looks stunning, thanks to it’s tonal value and a variety of textures. Another piece, the magnificent commentary on nature with its five elements is like soaking in an artist’s unadulterated perception of the universe. His paintings are inspired by elements of nature like like sun, dawn, a bunch of leaves, flowers, birds and butterflies. His eye for detail and clean strokes make for very fine pieces of art and depict nature in an elegant, formative and creative style that distinguishes itself from any other. Individualistic and transformative, he looks at nature within his black and white framework, offering his audience an opportunity to see nature in a unique perspective.
Wish u best wishes

Swati Vikamsey Media professional and content creator

I know Navin personally, and I know that the last couple of years have been the hardest for him. But instead of letting his personal challenges take over his life, Navin has channelled all of grief into creating art. All that pain and loss, when reflected on his canvas, morphs into pure beauty! He has evolved tremendously as a human being and as an artist, his work speaking for itself over the years. Navin’s commitment to his own life and body is unparalleled, and has in fact, helped him focus on the joy he finds in his art — the joy and commitment that is evident in all his work.
Keep drawing
Keep growing

Vally Almeida Family Friend

I know Navin since his childhood. He had that natural flare of drawing something he seen, observed and liked which he used to put on paper. Slowly, as the time went, the hobby turned into passion and in the blink of an eye , he became a budding artist to reckon with. Today what I see is the reality. A dream come true. As he is getting ready to exhibit his works, I sincerely wish him all success in his endeavors and his future undertakings.


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