I am a fun-loving, fitness enthusiast with a creative bent of mind. I enjoy freehand drawing in monochromatic tones, without constraints of time, subject, colour and realism. And yet, creating art does not mean just scribbling around on a piece of paper. Rather, it is a feeling akin to meditation—both reflective and cathartic. When I conceptualize and execute a piece of art, I get completely consumed by it. I become one with it.
The sketches I create are inspired by everything I observe and experience in my surroundings. Inspired by outdoors, I feel called upon to draw the energies in nature, the sun taking center-stage in most of my art work. How awesome and inspiring is the nuclear fusion reactions at the core of this giant ball of fire, radiating energy and being the source of life on earth!
Apart from being an ingenious artist, I am a health freak, gym nut, businessman and nature lover all rolled into one. Nothing gives me more pleasure than wandering around without a destination or agenda, just soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature! I have an undying desire to consistently stumble upon the unfamiliar, to acquire new information and knowledge every single day.